What is Movit Sport?

Movit Sport is an online platform that allows anyone to easily book sports activities. This ranges from renting a squash court or soccer pitch to booking a day on the golf course or doing a group lesson in the local gym. Movit Sport shows you what sports activities you can do nearby and allows you to book them in just a few clicks: That way your sport is just a click away!


How does it work?

On our site you find where you can play sports closeby. You click one of the sports activities we offer and choose a date and time that suit you best. You click book now and pay with Paypal, creditcard or iDeal. By e-mail we send you a booking confirmation. When you show the e-mail or booking code at the counter of the sports facility, you are ready to go!


How far in advance can I book?

In most places you can book up to three weeks in advance.


Can I cancel my booking?

Yes, until 24 hours in advance you can cancel your booking. If you want to cancel,  contact us here.


Is there a difference in price when I book via Movit Sport?

We have an equal price guarantee. That means that the price of a booking with Movit Sport is never higher than the price of booking it via the sports facility itself. Besides, we often have nice discounts, which means you’re often cheaper off when you book with us.


When I book for example a soccer pitch or a squash court, do I pay per person or per court?

You pay per court. So it doesn’t matter if you play singles, doubles or you simply want to practice your serve. When you book for example a group lesson or a golf pass the price is per person.


Is equipment included?

That depends on the sports activity. We’ve made sure to explicitly mention it when equipment is included or can be rented. So if there is no mention of this, be sure to bring your own equipment


How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by contacting us.


This FAQ didn’t answer my question 🙁

We’re sorry about that! Please contact us!