FAQ for sports facilities

What is Movit Sport?

Movit Sport is an online platform that allows anyone to easily book sports activities. This ranges from renting a squash court or soccer pitch to booking a day on the golf course or doing a group lesson in the local gym. Movit Sport shows you what sports activities you can do nearby and allows you to book them in just a few clicks.

What’s in it for me?

At Movit Sport we think that booking a squash court should be as easy as ordering a pair of shoes online. For owners of sports facilities this offers the possibility of attracting new customers by:

  • Improving your online presence. By ranking in Google and advertising on social media we make sure your potential customers know what you have to offer.
  • Access to a new target group. In addition, Movit Sport provides your potential customers with an easy way of trying what you have to offer. This gives you the chance to make them come back for more!

How does the sign up work?

Enter your contact data on this page. We’ll contact you and send you an e-mail with a few questions about the sports activities you would like to offer on our platform. Answering the questions takes approximately five minutes. After we’ve received your wishes, we prepare everything for you and make sure new customers will be coming soon!

Does partnering with Movit Sport take up a lot of time?

Hardly any. After the sign up we make sure you get an e-mail when there is a booking. Additionally, on the 10th of every month you receive your money on your bank account. So it doesn’t really take any effort.

Can I edit my own prices and opening times? 

Yes, you simply log in here with the details we send you after you’ve signed up. Next, you click “Vendor Dashboard” and “Bookings”. Here you find a list of all your sports activities that are bookable on Movit Sport. By clicking the activity, you can edit for example your prices and opening hours. Of course you can also call us on +31 6 10438364 or e-mail us at harro@movitsport.com if you want to let us know about any changes and we’ll fix it for you.

Can I offer any sports activity on Movit Sport?

In principle we welcome anything and we’re really curious what you have to offer. Contact us so we can discuss how to fit your sports activity on our platform.

What does it cost?

At Movit Sport we work with a ‘no cure, no pay’ principle. If there are no bookings, your presence on our platform is free. In order to keep the platform up and running, handle and deposit customers’ payments and advertise your sports activities, we ask for a 25% commission on all bookings.

This FAQ did not answer my question..

We’re sorry to hear! Please contact us!



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